Kick off meeting in Armenia

The overall goal of the project is to improve the quality of educational programs in Armenia and Georgia in the field of environmental protection, to ensure the comprehensive modernization of subject programs. The program is closely linked to postgraduate education and research activities, equipping graduates with the latest knowledge and practical skills. In order to drastically modernize environmental education, a unique inter-university educational and research laboratory is being established within the framework of the program on the basis of the laboratory of the Center for Ecological and Transfer Research of NAS RA, where student projects and various projects cooperating with external beneficiaries will be implemented. Moreover, the laboratory is equipped with the infrastructure of a modern laboratory, "allows the implementation of various projects among universities and" external beneficiaries ". Educational visits were made to partner European universities: the University of Tuscia (Italy), Lisbon Technical University (Portugal), Department of Remote Sensing (RSC), Institute of Geosciences and Geography, Faculty of natural Sciences III, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (Germany), where relevant subject programs and descriptions, successful experience in science and education rapprochement were studied.  The teaching staff of the Associated Countries will conduct a comparative analysis of the courses to be taught, with the aim of bringing these courses closer to the best European experience. Within the framework of the program, SWOT analysis of environmental education will be carried out, the aim of which is to identify the demand for environmental education in Armenia, the gaps, external interests, the advantages and disadvantages of environmental education. The courses will be developed, modernized in Armenian/Georgian and English languages, and will be taught as early as 2019-2020, contributing to the internationalization of environmental education and integration into the higher European educational space.