ERLEP Agreement

Within the Erasmus+ MENVIPRO project - Modernization of environment protection studies programmes for Armenia and Georgia, there is another milestone passed and recorded: Research Infrastructure Access Agreements have been signed between International Scientific-Educational Center of NAS RA and partner universities, where the ERLEP is based - a unique inter-University education and research facility, and its partner country universities – Gavar State University (Armenia), Ilia State University (Georgia) and University of Georgia (Georgia), under which the ISEC delivers access to its partner HEIs for conducting research, undertaking experimental development, and providing education and training, while partner HEIs , being part of the ERASMUS plus MENVINPRO Consortium, is interested in using the equipment for the purposes of implementing educational activities within the developed/modified curricula.
Reminder: Within the frameworks of the project, in order to radically modernize the MSc. education in EP – technology-intensive domain of knowledge, the project is establishing a unique inter-University education and research facility (ERLEP), which will be used for student projects, collaborative projects with external stakeholders and demonstration activities to reinforce links to the University environment and promote environment-friendly mindsets. The ERLEP will represent one of the major tangible outcomes of the project and will define the quality standards of postgraduate studies in the field of EP for many years. Moreover, the ERLEP will provide the access to a modern laboratory infrastructure and enable various projects between universities and external stakeholders.